Copy kitty


I am thrilled to be starting The Killing series this weekend. FINALLY. I await series addiction. Now, I was talking about those famous jumpers too (obvs) and came across this article on The Guardian website.The creators of the jumper Godrun & Godrun have ordered another company to stop making replicas of the jumper – the shop is selling patterns and yarn to make the patterned woollen statement jumpers. With anything that becomes iconic, it is inevitable that there will be replicas. However, to have the real thing is something special (especially at £240), so it’s nice for those who have the original makers’ creation in their wardrobe. They can be smug and content that they have the same one ‘as the woman in The Killing’. Does it really, really matter if there are copycats? They are everywhere no? Rise above fisticuffs with the CCs and be true to your own brand. Surely that’s better than getting all sue-like on each other.


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