the candlelight and the patatas bravas


Blah, blah Valentine’s Day is really commercial and an excuse for brands to… etc. But actually, sometimes it’s quite nice to crack out some love and if the V day prompts some declarations of love and forces you to look at what you have and find that actually, this Thursday morning, you’ve woken up to the equivalent of a dusting of love glitter, that aint bad!

So, I may have just had an anti-thrill sandwich (beetroot and cheese on old bread), but luckily, I am still filled with the excellence that is BRAVAS. Which we indulged in last night. MMMMM. May that happiness last, for food is the accessible heaven of life.

A tapas joint that originated as a humble supper club, Bravas on Cotham Hill (Bristol), left us utterly contented. From the gin with almonds, orange and tonic, to the patatas bravas with orangey tomato/ coriander tasting sauce, not forgetting the chorizo cooked in cider and the epic pork belly with spices atop. All winning, win, win. Plus it was packed, cosy and the service slick AND it cost just £29 for the both of us. Suffice to say, indulgence and romance is a great thing and though I love a night in, a night out – a date night out, is magnifique.

I also got some flowers from Chaz yesterday. So in a way, we did the love day, a day early – actually, never been for a meal on V day… I booked Bravas, but these flowers are something else, so I’ve got him a Kinder Surprise. Equals.

Love, love, loooove



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