Ferry Dad

I’ve been fiddling around with blog themes for ages now. Charlie says as regards to my last post, that I would be able to access Tiger Notes, but I know that I have totally locked myself out of it. I think that I will move the blog posts over. Maybe. They’re almost my little pregnancy posts, I suppose. I say little, they aren’t. Anyway I think that this theme has too bigger font size but not sure how to change that. Will continue to fiddle.

So I wanted to talk about an observation that Charlie and I made last year while waiting for the ferry. Basically it concerns Dads. When on holiday and not in a point of control, i.e. a ferry queue, Dads feel the need to exit their car, while also standing on a part of their car/leaning on the car in an awkward fashion. One leg stuck out at a right angle within the car, one arm resting on the car door. Looking out towards absolutely nothing, looking adamant that this action will hurry things along, but knowing in their brains that there is no way that they can do anything. Penetrating the fluorescent backs of the ferry people with their eyes will not make us board the ferry faster. Often, no one has been waiting very long anyway, it’s just a way to look ‘active’ in the pursuit of taking one’s family on holiday.

Obviously this would not be possible on a plane runway. Standing with one leg up on a plane’s wing might look cool, but Daddy-o would definitely get arrested. Recently while waiting to disembark the ferry we looked at the cars in front of us and sure enough, the right hand car door was open on most cars. One leg stuck out, like a peacock sticks out his feathers.


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