Web eyes

For how long have we been thinking that we are multi tasking, but actually giving all of our attention to the world wide web of obscurity? I know that if I am within the web of a thousand rabbit holes, I am not really (REALLY) listening, or watching, or thinking properly. Something happens to the mind and I have at least five tabs open, searching for mid length skirts, terraced houses, The Guardian, Pinterest and a blog or two. Don’t even start me on emails. Emails. I have a love hate relationship with. Ease/guilt/knot in back/joy/terror. How many times have I been elated and deflated in a shop queue? Too many.

Thank heavens for babies. I have no choice but to watch the speediest little crawler I ever did see. She’s the fastest thing and I can NOT start pondering over sash windows while she’s on the move. And when we are in shop queues she likes to chat and intensely look at people and reach for things. If there are birds, she’s watching them, because she looks up and out. Like I should be. She’s made me open my eyes again and see the wonder that can never be found in that mystical web. It aint real.


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