oh, it’s house buying again (or not)


We have been looking at houses to buy. Again. Oh my goodness, again. C is already completely frustrated with me and my overly excited search. I used to be idealistic about property buying – I genuinely had visions of finding a beautiful Victorian property with floorboards, fireplace and cottage, yet spacious feel, long garden… Then going for a coffee at the 30s NYC coffee house down the road, near the outstanding nursery and happy, wholesome school and large, clean park, with Phil Spencer, and you know – buying the house. He’d confirmed that there was NO damp, no scary things and the vendor was overjoyed at us purchasing their house. How rosy!

It’s not like this. It’s a sellers market and every minute counts. We also have things to contend with; freelance, baby, being called ‘dependants’, childcare being frowned upon and the buy to let buyers. However we have a deposit, we pay an extortionate price for our rent already and we don’t have a truck load of debt. We just want a nice family house please, thank you. *Look up to sky and to Right Move.*

Regardless of the pain parts and our plus and minus’ next to our (non-married – is that a minus?) family name, I am still super excited. I may be embarrassing to C, wanting to put in offers on every house – thousands and thousands below the asking price (when they are going for thousands above) because I love the thrill of a bargain (ahem) and can ‘see’ the potential – but I find reason. I know that we will find the right house for us. With the extra rooms, garden, period features, possibilities of extension up and round, work for us to do but not too much… House, you are out there!

And my heart – when I think of Alba and I creating her little room ❤



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