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I’d never been to Weston super Mare before. So, as Charlie was going to a wedding on his own, I looked at where the train can take you from Bristol. And the little train goes all the way to Weston. So off we trotted, complete with enormous packed lunch for Alba and small to medium expectations.

We arrived with tonnes of other people in their summer Sunday best and spilled out  from the train station.  Alba and I followed the herd in the direction they were going, thinking they must be off to the beach, because the train station opened on to a big road and a Tesco РI expected the doors to open to the Grand Pier, obvs.

The Grand Pier is wild, isn’t it? Completely hectic, noisy and with enough sugar to generate power across France; the kids were bolting round on sugar highs, there were 99s being devoured and donuts being cooked, fizz, pop, whoooosh!

Suffice to say we were only on the pier for a minute and that was at the end of our trip. Before that we walked along the seafront, watched the RNLI do tricks in their boats and ate homemade cheese scones in the park with the arrogant squirrels. Alba had a nap too, which allowed me to drink an entire decaf cap. and scribble in my notebook – like I was in a spa.

The food options I could find didn’t appeal that much, apart from the obvious ice cream sundaes, so I ended up sharing some of Alba’s lunch and then she had some bits I picked up from M&S. I felt like I should have had fish and chips or something, but nope.

The absolute highlight for Alba was sprinkling sand all over herself and me, while cackling. And it’s pretty cool seeing a baby observing, feeling and generally, experiencing this whirlwind of a world we live in – the good, bad and bizarre, for the first time. She definitely likes the beach.

The train back involved her being absolutely thrilled and desperate to chat to every other child, then crashing outc Home for bath, books and cuddles.


Somewhere, someone, something

Rowing in the city

As much as I like skipping bunnies in the countryside, perhaps a real life deer as seen on a fairisle knitted print, berries, grass, twigs, the faint scent of apples – I also flippin love the city. Sometimes I feel more inspired by the urban landscape than by the trickling streams of the countryside. Being surrounded by anonymity, finding a seat somewhere with a hot steam wafting coffee, thrilled with the constantly changing sights and feel, the whispers of relationships. Being surrounded, being free. So with this in mind, I obviously loved New York last week. I thought it was a great, shiny bulb of ambition, positivity, poetry and that grey fatigue that I sort of love. The American Dream was palpable, it shone in every twinkling light and in some places (Times Square), great waves of it crashed and ebbed with every breath. I also liked the more family type areas, Williamsburg to name one. Red brick streets, small shops and warehouses for coffee shops. I find I always have the city V country conundrum. When I want peace the countryside is bliss, but can make me restless. Sometimes I want the countryside to be different – I want to move somewhere with larger skies and brighter sunshine. A bit like the cover of the latest issue of Lionheart.

bright as a pumpkin

News, news, news! Hot off the pumpkin press! I will start with the latest news, we are moving flats! Hoorah! to one with a magnificent BATH, FIREPLACE and STAIRS – as well as (drum roll) STORAGE SPACE, GARDEN, OFFICE SPACE/BEDROOM and a CATFLAP. Basically it’s really nice, more expensive, but pretty. And has a smart kitchen that you could even do little cookery film in, it would rival any chirpy celebrity chef’s, I tell thee! Charlie is beside himself with happiness, because he can once again have a bath for four hours a day. I am DELIGHTED about the open fire potential and the fact I will not have to work pretty much sitting upon my bed. We had grown out of our flat with its 70s styling, bits stuck on with reindeer tape, dark brown doors and windowless bathroom. Flat: It’s been a pleasure, but now as the sparklers come out for Guy Fawkes, so must the four of us leave you for the next. Excited!