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oh, it’s house buying again (or not)


We have been looking at houses to buy. Again. Oh my goodness, again. C is already completely frustrated with me and my overly excited search. I used to be idealistic about property buying – I genuinely had visions of finding a beautiful Victorian property with floorboards, fireplace and cottage, yet spacious feel, long garden… Then going for a coffee at the 30s NYC coffee house down the road, near the outstanding nursery and happy, wholesome school and large, clean park, with Phil Spencer, and you know – buying the house. He’d confirmed that there was NO damp, no scary things and the vendor was overjoyed at us purchasing their house. How rosy!

It’s not like this. It’s a sellers market and every minute counts. We also have things to contend with; freelance, baby, being called ‘dependants’, childcare being frowned upon and the buy to let buyers. However we have a deposit, we pay an extortionate price for our rent already and we don’t have a truck load of debt. We just want a nice family house please, thank you. *Look up to sky and to Right Move.*

Regardless of the pain parts and our plus and minus’ next to our (non-married – is that a minus?) family name, I am still super excited. I may be embarrassing to C, wanting to put in offers on every house – thousands and thousands below the asking price (when they are going for thousands above) because I love the thrill of a bargain (ahem) and can ‘see’ the potential – but I find reason. I know that we will find the right house for us. With the extra rooms, garden, period features, possibilities of extension up and round, work for us to do but not too much… House, you are out there!

And my heart – when I think of Alba and I creating her little room ❤



small but very good

Things that I like:

Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde. Classic style, loving.

My Herman cake.
From Guardian website, by Lizzie Enfield:
‘For anyone not yet initiated into the ritual of Herman cake creation, it is the culinary equivalent of a chain letter. Someone presents you with a jar of yeasty mix and a set of instructions on when to add sugar, flour and sift or stir it. Ten days on, you divide the mixture into five, pass four jars onto friends and, with the rest, bake yourself a very yeasty and sugary but surprisingly tasty cake.

‘The name Herman is taken from the Amish sweet, cinnamon-flavoured bread and the cakes have their origins in the sourdough products made by the early American pioneers. Airborne yeast was used to ferment a mixture of flour sugar and water, and then used to make pancakes, bread and cakes. What was left of original starter leavening mixture was then passed around the community for others to cook with.’

My Herman looked like the below (see, see!) and was/is still extremely tasty.

Francois doing a drive by. At least he is now at least doing drive bys. He’s still the sweetest ginger tom.

Ducks. Their quacking sounds like laughing. They make me cackle and chuckle from my toes to my fingers.

Photos with sun glimmers on. Like this one of Kirsten Dunst on Italian Vogue‘s website. It’s like looking at the: sun, when all you can see is: rain.



Like a beige curtain, wafting in the morning’s breeze, I, for a little while abandoned the blog, until it became an afternoon’s storm out there and then a post chaotic haze. The curtain was whipping around wildly, but I had no time to tie the thing down. Now the curtains are blue and white, dappled with sunshine and the flowers are opening again. The storm is nearly within the compartments of memory. Soon, a new tornado will arise. But for now I am furiously sweeping away the ends of before and organising things. That’s what you do, when things change. Lists, oh lists, I love thee.

Riddles are my coping mechanism, sunshine is my life. I’ll speak in Anglais: things that have happened:

* Lionheart has been signed with COMAG, to be distributed by them – this means that they will now be in Waitrose, Paperchase and lots of tres cool places, that I envisaged the lion to roar, when it was merely a cub, scampering away in notebooks. It all happened very nicely, over a coffee and a great dark wood table.

* I have a new, full time job. This is pretty much excellent. I am an Editor for something else. It’s very interesting and completely different to Lionheart Magazine. I enjoy it. Plus, they have wonderful white chairs and enormous windows. This job is also good for Charlie and I.

* Lionheart is going to four times a year. For definites. I signed a contract. Thank you to everyone who has supported and purchased the magazine x

* Charlie got a promotion! Proud, proud!

* Lovely friends are moving away to live in a yurt.

* Other lovely friends are engaged. I am LOVING the wedding prep.

Everyone pretty much announced all their news within one week. Prosecco was being popped with wild abandon! Amazing! I also heard from one of my fabulous contributors Hannah, that she has had her baby – congratulations to the fam! My emotions are HIGH!

I’ll chat about our MB in my next post, but suffice to say, it was perfect. Now I have Bath In Fashion freelance to finish, Lionheart 2 to put together and lots of embracing to do! It’s a love dove time!

I’ll just quickly say, that the beige curtain has gone and normal *new* service is back on.
(Please excuse complete overuse of exclamation marks, it’s a little phase x)

Yellow is the best of colours

I know it’s a cliche – whack out the yellow when the windy January blues hit, like a tornado, err literally too, it’s chaos out there – but yellow is my FAVOURITE colour. That and baby blue. Maybe some deep purple, splat of red and I’m done. Yellow is the best though. Apart from to wear. I can’t ever decide what colour suits me to wear, but I tend to wear a rainbow in the hope that one of them will. Those like me, with green eyes, are supposed to suit purple apparently. Worn as eyeliner or shadow, they can make your eyes ‘POP!’ Though, with a bad night’s sleep, I have a feeling the application will make for an anti-pop. I must quickly speak of SLEEEEEP, because our bed is broken and I have not been sleeping amazingly as a result. At this time, my one and only love and semi-remedy for making me feel/look awake – despite my yellow love – is red lipstick. It’s the best thing. The sunshine go get ’em equivalent of basking in yellow coloured goods and then jumping in a merry fruit salad. In Brazil/somewhere hot.

Anyway, I have gathered some sunny products of which I desire, but will probably not ever have. That said, I am drinking from my yellow Le Creuset mug, which makes me feel simultaneously optimistic, warm and appreciative of inappropriately expensive kitchen wear. Firstly I must say, the sunnier outlook has been aided by the return of F-cat, Lambchop the first. He has started sleeping on the heating pipes again, behind the bikes. He has also been hugging again. Paws outstretched. Also, Charlie and I are getting a KING SIZED bed tonight. Goodbye bed with inbuilt ditch. Goodbye space fighting. He wants to swap sides, but his side is next to the window. Yesterday the wind draft (the window was closed), threw cards and fairy lights off the window ledge. I don’t think so turbine Chaz. Yellow follows.

Etsy, Lizzie Fortunato Jewels, Etsy, Modcloth, Urban Outfitters, Etsy, oops – not sure, Le Creuset.