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the leaves are turnin’


Autumn, autumn, autumn!

Yes, yes I can feel rustlings of autumn – and I love the low light, the comfort and the mood of autumn. I also love this look for autumn. Since having Alba, pinafores have become my go to for dresses. They’re practical, easy to thrown on and good for all occasions. Dress ’em up, dress ’em down.



Vivienne Westwood

Ok, so it’s not a great picture – but right here is VIVIENNE WESTWOOD. I was at work, harking on to myself about missing the iconic designer’s midday talk, when a ticket magically appeared c/o a kind fellow Viv enthusiast. *AHHH* We trundled off at lunchtime and watched and listened to Vivienne talking about being green (it was Big Green Week), the future, economics, life etc. She wore a high waisted, loose legged trouser suit and her red hair in a low ponytail. She said: “I‘m here to encourage you to follow your destiny, and fulfill your talents!” Ace.

from her a/w 2012 gold collection

…is me

Alexander McQueen

Colour coding, organising, sorting, writing, learning. Punctuated and interrupted with great shafts of sunlight, scented with fresh tea and wooden heels. Walk like you know the walk, talk like you know the talk. Until you do. Exhale with neutral colours, flowing at its borders, structured like a glamazon – a coastal path, post it notes lined with an ocean, wild and free. This dress.

Another LFW Review: Prophetik

For the full article & more LFW A/W 2012 coverage, please go to Lionheart Magazine.

Illustration by Emma Block

Words by Helen Martin. Photography by Akeela Bhattay.

I think there is something about a show on Sunday, it’s like a tea party in the labyrinth. Delicious, but there is a small sense of the world being twisted slightly, fantasy becoming real and home’s door, submerged in the forest. I’ve always thought Sunday is a strange and beautiful day. I feel more adventurous and reckless on this day. It’s when sun hit skin from a weekend of frolics, tingles with warmth, feasts are prepared and you feel lost in the thoughts and tree houses of the days just gone, a little instant nostalgia. Not that I’d been hanging about in the elusive sunshine of Great Britain of course, this was London Fashion Week and errr, it was February. I was rushing around the big city, with thoughts of healthy herbal teas and cous cous salads, replaced with extra strength coffees and intricate cakes. But Sunday seems to allow for a more relaxed falling into a designer’s vision, like following the white rabbit.

Incidentally, bright blue skies greeted the morning of Jeff Garner’s, Prophetik show and Forward PR were upbeat as they seated Jeff’s audience. It was with a hop, skip and a jump with which I took my seat, I was very excited at the prospect of a new Prophetik show. He is not only one of the star interviewees in issue one of Lionheart Magazine, but he is also perhaps one of my perfect designers. I am an enormous, grand scale romantic, as well as lover of history, fairy tales, longing/melancholy, poetry and knights on white horses – of course. Thus, Prophetik makes my heart flutter and my desire to get married on a ranch, reach new levels. I had no doubt I would find inspiration for my imaginary wedding in this A/W show, Courtly Love.

Before the show started we were shown a video by the Lawrence Anthony Foundation, sponsors of the show. They are an organisation supporting conservation, education and wildlife rehabilitation. Their aim in 2012 is to stop the ongoing poaching of rhinos, currently threatening the survival of the species. Please click here for more information. After the video, there was silence for some time as the images of mutilated rhinos and the plight of the Lawrence Anthony Foundation reverberated.

Lights down: A violinist stepped out and treated us to vibrant playing. The mood for the show was set; dramatic, wild and yet constrained, a free spirit, dripping in old pearls. She continued to play as the models started to walk out. The first dress is a strapless, full length, cream silk, with a lace overlay that flowed like a little storm from behind. Seeing the model walk away made me think of a Princess abandoning her required protocol, the real treat lay in seeing her beautiful departure.

Prophetik LFW Lionheart Magazine AkeelaBhattayProphetik A/W 2012, Helen Martin, Lionheart Magazine

The dresses continued in their elegance: lace, pearls, creams, pinks – striking, strong and naturally dramatic. Sleeves were puffed and billowing, waists defined and necklines: halter neck, swooping or buttoned up, often adorned in chokers, layered multi jewelled necklaces or resolutely bare.

Beautiful Burberry

((from Bath Fashion Girl))

Pic. credit

The Burberry Prorsum show at London Fashion Week was incredible. Christopher Bailey captures the spirit of British style in his collections, and with his shows creates an all encompassing atmospheric experience. The looks on the catwalk speak for themselves – trenches, pencils skirts, peplums and tweed – gorgeous, sophisticated, strong. With the addition of a brilliant venue, heart beating music…and the rain, Christopher Bailey has created shows that are a theatrical display of wonderment, and something that makes me very proud of British Fashion.

Anna Wintour: ‘Christopher has bought Burberry back to London, which has just done so much for British Fashion. It’s been remarkable to me how there has been such a switch away from the sort of funky, eccentric style that we know London for, into something much more global and polished.

See the show in full here:

What do you think?

Snaps with the phone: LFW A/W 2012

Somerset House

Here are some photographs of London Fashion Week, taken with my phone. Sorry for the poor quality, it all happens very fast and smart phones don’t do the pieces justice, but you can at least get a feel of some of my very favourite shows.






Corrie Nielsen

Corrie Nielsen

Corrie Nielsen

Leutton Postle

Leutton Pottle

Ji Cheng

Ji Cheng

Ji Cheng

Jasper Garvida

Jasper Garvida

Jasper Garvida

This one is extremely blurry, I know – but that gold you can see flashing, was mesmerising! Such a fantastic show – and my final LFW show of the season too.

Sunset at Somerset House

LFW reviews from Lionheart Magazine: Orla Kiely & Antoni & Alison

Orla Kiely

Photography by Akeela Bhattay

Go backwards. The Orla Kiely presentation felt like I was right within the earlier, midday sunshine’s force. As if within a film, I caught myself within a world created by the essence of an Orla Kiely mood board. The ladies wore pretty dresses, full skirts, little peter pan collars and straight backs. Their hair, sleek and steps, as light as a tap with a spoon on a sponge cake before it’s iced. The men were suited, genteel and admiring of the oh so pretty ladies. Polite bustle couldn’t help but circulate, like mini swiss roll whirlwinds, as champagne poured in rotund little glasses and delicate jam and buttercream cakes spun round the room. Icing was admired for its artistic prowess, whilst the chocolate bourbons, crunched with glee.

The ladies, the Orla Kiely models, sat patiently on smart velvet seats. Never with the men. They perched across from one another, whenever not dancing the 30s Charleston, or some such.

Full article can be found here.

Antoni & Alison

Photography by Akeela Bhattay

It actually all started quite civilly. We were seated at the BFC, with the thought of coffee after perhaps, if it’s nice. Even a sit down on one of those benches outside, if there’s space and it’s not raining. It looked nice this morning and oh! joy! The tube was efficient too. Dum, dum, dum, twiddly dum. THEN EVERYTHING WEnt darK and we were told – as if in the science museum – about Antoni & Alison, their forming, ambitions and desires for their collections. It was very This Is Your Life. Nowt wrong with that, but then it couldn’t last, there must be drama! It went dark again. This was no place for sunday television’s genteel meanderings. Barriers should be broken, dresses must work like gunpowder and an audience must be left within the world of models in dresses, resolutely marching down the catwalk. For, that’s what we’re here for.

For the full article, click here.