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Web eyes

For how long have we been thinking that we are multi tasking, but actually giving all of our attention to the world wide web of obscurity? I know that if I am within the web of a thousand rabbit holes, I am not really (REALLY) listening, or watching, or thinking properly. Something happens to the mind and I have at least five tabs open, searching for mid length skirts, terraced houses, The Guardian, Pinterest and a blog or two. Don’t even start me on emails. Emails. I have a love hate relationship with. Ease/guilt/knot in back/joy/terror. How many times have I been elated and deflated in a shop queue? Too many.

Thank heavens for babies. I have no choice but to watch the speediest little crawler I ever did see. She’s the fastest thing and I can NOT start pondering over sash windows while she’s on the move. And when we are in shop queues she likes to chat and intensely look at people and reach for things. If there are birds, she’s watching them, because she looks up and out. Like I should be. She’s made me open my eyes again and see the wonder that can never be found in that mystical web. It aint real.


the candlelight and the patatas bravas


Blah, blah Valentine’s Day is really commercial and an excuse for brands to… etc. But actually, sometimes it’s quite nice to crack out some love and if the V day prompts some declarations of love and forces you to look at what you have and find that actually, this Thursday morning, you’ve woken up to the equivalent of a dusting of love glitter, that aint bad!

So, I may have just had an anti-thrill sandwich (beetroot and cheese on old bread), but luckily, I am still filled with the excellence that is BRAVAS. Which we indulged in last night. MMMMM. May that happiness last, for food is the accessible heaven of life.

A tapas joint that originated as a humble supper club, Bravas on Cotham Hill (Bristol), left us utterly contented. From the gin with almonds, orange and tonic, to the patatas bravas with orangey tomato/ coriander tasting sauce, not forgetting the chorizo cooked in cider and the epic pork belly with spices atop. All winning, win, win. Plus it was packed, cosy and the service slick AND it cost just £29 for the both of us. Suffice to say, indulgence and romance is a great thing and though I love a night in, a night out – a date night out, is magnifique.

I also got some flowers from Chaz yesterday. So in a way, we did the love day, a day early – actually, never been for a meal on V day… I booked Bravas, but these flowers are something else, so I’ve got him a Kinder Surprise. Equals.

Love, love, loooove


Lionheart Magazine Issue Two Is Out

Issue Two

It’s neat, it’s sweet, it’s a cherry pie with bite. Lionheart Magazine issue two is out

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theme: Warmth

Delve in, read about a million things, ponder, sit and consider a world from an image.  Born from imagination, a lion heart will always have an adventure, if nothing else. Roar!


Love Hels xo


morning dragon

This morning a dragon was breathing heavily right by our bedroom window. Right next to our warm sleeping and dreaming shapes. It woke me up with its deep woooshes of air, ‘vroooooom’, ‘vroooooom’. I slowly opened my eyes to bright sunshine shooting in through the window. I believed a space ship had ferried our bedroom away, like the bear in Whatever Next, by Jill Murphy. We were floating, right next to a dragon. But, I realised eventually, that I was at home, on earth and the dragon was a hot air balloon flying low over our house. But my imagination let me believe it was a dragon. Just for a few seconds.

she looked into the distance with music as her sidekick. lucky girl.

If you haven’t got anything nice to say, you should say nothing at all. Well I have rants to say, rants! I am in a hellish mood and I aint snapping out of it! I don’t have Charlie to laugh at me, so I will just have a little squirming rant through myself, listen to The Cure, VERY LOUDLY and search the flat for sources of cocoa. The worst thing is I have nothing, NOTHING (not really) to be annoyed about. DARN! It’s just a shoulder full of tense. I am sedating myself with pictures of COS. What an astonishingly fabulous shop.

I love COS

The shoes are Celo B. I also love these.


Charlie has been away this week, leaving the cat and I to fend for ourselves. I have felt that I have been within the magazine, fluttering about, staying up late working and writing to do lists out the window. I wish that Charlie was here to share this time with me, as he has been amazing throughout this journey of lions. I just hope, hope that the magazine looks as beautiful as I see it and saw it nine months ago, when it comes to me in copious boxes next week. However, I know that whatever happens, Charlie is proud and that’s pretty cool. No matter what happens, he is out there, sitting in the sea, cheering me on. I would say that he is a rock or turbine, but he’d rather be free and flouncing about in the sea.

He came back from his work sojourn, yesterday evening with my – as always – requested location magnet and I gave him one of his Christmas presents early, because I always do this with presents. It made me very happy to see him again and it still astounds me how my worries become tiny and silly when I am with him. He makes me feel my best. This is so sentimental. Sorry. I don’t know what’s happened to me.

Dear Charles, I’m sorry I tried to make you watch another Ryan Gosling film last night (luckily for you, we only watched three minutes. Though I will watch it over the weekend, probably – sorry). But look it made us remember The Acorn! Bit like Grizzly Bear, bit like Bon Iver – almost definitely Canadians, non? Also, as an aside, I like how we woke up simultaneously from Francois’ loud mutterings, as he dreamt at the end of the bed. Funny cat.